After logging in to WildID, you will land on the Dashboard page.

You can open and close each section of the Dashboard by clicking on the green headings.

Example WildID dashboard with the sections closed.

Your stats

This section gives you a quick overview of some of your main stats:

Example WildID dashboard showing stats of your object detections.

Cameras added

The number of cameras you have added. Does not include deleted cameras.

See also Manage Cameras.

Images uploaded

As soon as you upload an image, it will be added to this count, whether or not it has been detected yet. Does not include deleted images.

See also Upload Images.

Objects detected

Number of objects detected by WildID across all of your images. Basically the number of boxes drawn in your images. Because there is often more than one animal or object in an image, this number should be higher than your number of images (if all of your images have been detected already). Does not include objects in deleted images. Does not include objects (boxes) that you have deleted from an image. Includes “No animal” boxes (one per empty image). Includes objects as soon as they are detected by WildID, even if they have not yet been verified by you.

See also Detect Images.

Labels verified

The number of labels for objects that you have verified – including both those marked as Correct, and those marked as Incorrect.

See also Verify labels.

Your species counts

This is a list of all the animals that WildID has detected in your camera trap images, listed by species, in alphabetical order.

Example WildID dashboard showing species counts.

Objects are included in these counts as soon as they are detected and identified by WildID, even if you have not verified the labels. The following counts are provided for each species:

Correct (tick icon)

The number of individuals that you have marked as correctly identified

Incorrect (cross icon)

The number of individuals that you have marked as incorrectly identified

Unknown (question mark icon)

The number of individuals that have not yet been verified; when WildID first does a detection, the objects detected will be listed under this column as “Unknown”

Total (sigma/sum icon)

Total of the above three columns.

Clicking on any one of these numbers, or the species name, will take you through to the Manage Images list in Card View, with your relevant filters applied. For example, you click on the number of incorrect baboons, you will go to view all images in which a baboon was identified, but where there is a label marked as incorrect.

Counts are for number of individuals, not images. For example if you have one image, in which 7 springbok were identified, the count under springbok will be 7, not 1.