Upload Images

Upload through WildID website vs Bulk upload with SFTP

If you are in Trial mode, you need to upload your camera trap images manually through the WildID website.

If you are on a paid plan, you can upload images in bulk via SFTP, as well as still being able to use the Upload images function in the website.

Please contact us to assist you to set up SFTP once you convert to a paid plan.

See also Upload Images: Extra topics.

See also Bulk Upload via SFTP.

To upload through the WildID website

Example WildID screen showing manual image upload form.

Select your camera

Browse for your images

Press Save

Wait for confirmation that the upload is complete and successful before leaving the page. If you close your browser or navigate to a different page in the site, your upload may not complete.

Example WildID image upload screen showing successful upload confirmation.

Duplicate images

You cannot upload duplicate images to WildID.

A duplicate image has all three of the following matching those of another image:

  • Same filename (eg. HUNT0236.JPG)

  • Same date taken timestamp (eg. 2017/03/19 07:23:03)

  • Same camera (eg. Kudu Dam)

If you try to import a set of images where some are new and some are duplicates, WildID will:

  • Import the new images and inform you of the success

  • Ignore the duplicate images and warn you that they have not been imported

Example WildID image upload form showing warning of duplicate images not uploaded.

If you need to upload the same physical image twice for some reason, for example for testing or demo purposes, change the filename, or upload it to a different camera.